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See what Packaging World says about our new poly bagger

“Our new Rollbag R785 poly bagger has been developed to fill a specific need in the packaging equipment marketplace,” remarked Greg Berguig, V.P. Sales & Marketing at San Rafael, CA-based PAC Machinery. “We listened to the many requirements expressed by our customers and developed an all-electric, tabletop bagging machine reflecting the long list of the features they desired”, continued Berguig.

This advanced approach for packaging uses pre-made bags on a roll. The desktop bagger utilizes an adjustable stream of air to open the bag which facilitates easy product loading. All operating parameters are adjusted via the large, user-friendly touchscreen. Plus, up to 50 individual job settings can be stored onboard to reduce downtime, ensure optimal performance and improve productivity. An optional digital handshake function enables easy integration with warehouse systems and production lines for a significant improvement to efficiency.

The Rollbag R785 features the same robust electronics found in costly industrial machines, and the quick-change seal bars deliver a superior seal from 2” to 12” in length on poly bags up to 6mil thick. Using industrial electronics and innovative design, the R785 is capable of packaging at a rate of 40 bags/min or more, ensuring that the operator will not outpace the bagger. By combining the simplicity of manual filling with a compact, versatile automatic bagging system, the Rollbag R785 delivers added value to your packaging production efforts.

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