Vision System Bagger Featured on Innovation Tour at MD & M East Exhibit

Automatic bulk counting and bagging system featured at international packaging exhibit and symposium

San Rafael, CA (June 16, 2016) – PAC Machinery, a leader in the heat sealing and flexible packaging industry, announced today that it would be exhibiting their R1275 Vision System Bagger at EastPack/MD&M East 2016, Booth #2921. EastPack/MD&M East is the largest packaging event on the US East Coast, and connects visitors to more than 200 packaging industry suppliers who are showcasing their latest industrial products.

Vision System Automatic Bagger chosen for 2016 Innovation Tour

The Rollbag R1275 Vision is an extremely accurate automatic bulk counting and bagging system for packaging small parts. The compact Vision System combines an industry-proven automatic bagger with an advanced vision system, which when used together can count and bag large quantities of small parts quickly and accurately. Developed by Data Detection Technologies, Ltd., the precision vision system relies on advanced mathematical algorithms to count bulk parts ranging in size from 0.25” to 1” at up to 99.9% accuracy.

MD&M Innovation Tour

Companies chosen for the 2016 MD&M Innovation Tour have brought new, technically advanced products to the medical device manufacturing market. Among the small number of products featured this year is the R1275 Vision System which was developed as a collaboration between PAC Machinery and Data Detection Technologies.

Ideal for small, high-value products, where over/under fill is unacceptable, the versatile high speed Rollbag R1275 Vision System Bagger can fill and seal bags significantly faster than manual packaging, delivering exceptional efficiency and value. “The surgical products industry is a fast-moving, dynamic business with applications that are constantly changing,” explains Mr. Greg Berguig, VP Marketing at PAC Machinery. “One of the growing challenges involves counting and bagging small, high value products quickly and accurately. When the products are the result of costly machining or manufactured from expensive materials – or both, an inaccurate final count in the package can be a costly problem,” adds Breguig. This is typically true in the case of medical devices like surgical screws, micro pins, wound drains and other highly specialized metal and plastic components used in complex medical procedures. With the use of pre-opened bags on a roll, fast packaging speeds may be achieved and bag size changeover can be accomplished quickly. The Rollbag R1275 is one of the fastest auto baggers in its class, and is designed for multi-shift production. The exceptional performance of this auto bagger is accomplished through smart design, a powerful PLC, and a unique stepper motor drive system.



Demonstrating the Rollbag R1275 Vision Auto Bagger for the 2016 MD&M Product Innovation tour.
Rollbag® R1275 Vision Automatic Bagger

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