Bags and Materials Product Overview Webinar

We are excited to host this distributor educational  webinar. Learn more about PAC Machinery Bags and Materials for ANY Brand of Automatic Bagger.  Learn more about our product offerings including stock and custom rollbags and  the latest in sustainable options!


Date: February 15
Time: 10:00 am – 10:30 am est. 
Organizer: PAC Machinery Bags and Materials 

Attending this webinar distributors:
  • Could increase their commission
  • Broaden product knowledge of basg for auto baggers
  • Fully grasp the depth of PAC’s Bag and Materials product offerings
  • Increase confidence in selling Rollbags to customers
  • Learn about the latest in sustainable packaging options
  • Learn how to find new opportunities for Rollbag materials and systems, reducing your customers out the door packaging costs with a simple ROI proposal
Our Presenters:
  • Joseph Wieske PLM Product line Manager | Linkedin 
  • Daniel Fodrocy: ISR Inside sales rep. southeast & southcentral US | Linkedin 
  • Jessica Nick: ISR Inside sales rep. northeast & mid-atlantic US.  | Linkedin 
  • Peter Smith: ISR Inside sales rep. west & northcentral US.| Linkedin 

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