Fulfillment Packaging Secrets Explained

Video Transcript

Hey guys Greg Berguig here! Really excited to show you our Rollbag Rr3200 XL Fulfillment Automatic Bagger. This machine here is equipped with our front to back conveyor so if you want to transport bags out to the back of the machine. I’ve got a label printer applicator which is really great especially if you’re using high recycled content film which you know we all want to do that so we get a nice print a label on whatever type of film.

Like many of our Baggers this system works with pre-made bags as well as poly tubing so back here I have a roll of poly tubing which allows me to make the bag to length so essentially the roll comes through and in here I have a bag maker assembly where I’m putting a bottom seal perforation and opening the bag up so that I can load it. So it’s pretty neat. Here I’m going to simulate a shipping application like in a WMS or warehouse management system where I’m going to scan some type of packing list or order manifest it’s going to go to the WMS and generate a shipping label there so I’ll do that again scan send the info open up.

I also really like you know I saw I dropped in here I like these easy load bag opener so I’m really gripping the bag tight this is really nice for you know so I can just drop the bag in with one hand you know have to hold the bag open when I when I put it in there. Again, I’m going to cycle drop go to the back. There’s also an optional label up adapter so I can add an adapter plate so that it flips the bag so that the label is always facing up when he goes to the back that’s really great if you’re going to further sortation systems right. You got conveyor in your warehouse you need to do further scanning. Speaking of scanning another nice benefit of the label on a poly bag is that it makes it really scannable so you know sometimes when you’re printing directly on the bag it could be too glossy or there can be some misprints or it can have some trouble in the further sortation systems with a label you don’t have that issue. So we have this roll of poly tubing right, so just a roll a tube of material. It’s an extruded tube so that means that if I look here I have no side seals here, nothing. I’ve extruded this film no side seals, no chance of the bag opening in transit, super strong. I’ve also got a couple vent holes here so two vent holes so air can easily escape but I got this roll of poly tubing.

What you’ll see now is varying the bag length. The variable bag length we talked about that so I’m going to scan right. I have a small item as we talked about makes sense. I don’t want to use a lot of material and you know if I’m a consumer and I have some sustainability initiatives I don’t want to waste bag material right when I have a pre-made bag that’s one size. I mean I have to size it for whatever the largest items are here. I can vary that so you see a small bag and I can go here to our dashboard for example or that could be an external input you can send that from your system that can be a box set up but I’m going to go here I’m going to scan a label. Look at that same machine different bag lengths ready to go. I’ll show you that again. So you saw the long bag let’s say the next item coming down again something short. Let’s scan the label. I think it’s pretty cool. I’m sure you guys do too. Extruded tubing it’s got use less material you so I don’t have the side Seal issue. I can vary from one product to the next there’s cost savings. I mean it’s all around a pretty tremendous solution. We’ll just go one more time and you can set a lot of different people are like well I want to interface this to my WMS and that’s great but a lot of times that becomes more difficult than one expects and operators if you’re not robotically feeding this, which we can have a conversation about operators. You know they’re really good at their jobs right. They see things they do this day in and day out they know that like okay great this goes in a small bag medium large so you know I’m probably not too good at this but you saw the small bag opens up grips it makes it really really easy. I’m just going to load that in there no issues I can put all types of items I’m going to seal it and off I go. So our Rollbag R3200 XL fulfillment Auto bagger with our poly tubing option label applicator this one is a custom configure with a few different things.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you optimize your fulfillment bagging process. Thank you. 


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