Graphics Company Triples Output Reduces Labor

Learn more about the Rollbag Magnum Horizontal featured in this story along with the Tubing that helped the graphics company save on their packaging costs by right sizing the bag with Rollbag Poly Tubing.

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Thank you for tuning in to this episode of “On the Pulse of Packaging,” I’m the host, Shannon Winans, here with our guest, Blake Knisely, a machinery sales specialist at PAC Machinery. Blake, please tell us a little bit about this customer story.

Yeah, so, the customer is in the Michigan area outside of Detroit, and they serve the automotive industry. They primarily produce automotive graphics and decals, things like that. So that is really their business and a great place to be for that.

Do you know how they currently were packaging? They were just doing everything by hand, just flat bags, hand bagging, trying to stuff the bags with their decals, whether they were flattened, smaller, or actually rolled up, if they were larger.

What kind of solution did you come up with? And I guess what were they looking to do? Well, they’re just looking to automate and take their four-person team and kind of try to repurpose that labor elsewhere in their facility.  So we decided on our Magnum Horizontal machine, which is one of the more unique machines in the industry because it does allow you to right size the bag to the product and use a continuous roll of poly tubing, as opposed to just your premade bags on a roll or your standard flat bags like they were using before. So this machine is unique in that it allows you to, on demand, tell the machine to spit out, let’s say, a 24 inch long bag or a 70 inch long bag so it could really accommodate products of their whole product mix.

Really? Why do we think that this machine is going to work for them? Just because they’re variable length products? Their decals and their graphics are all pretty much custom built, so I don’t think any one order is ever really the same. So it gave them the flexibility to really take anything that they produced and actually bag it and have one solution for it, as opposed to maybe stocking a dozen or two dozen different sizes of bags to accommodate all their products.

Is there anything else that you know about this customer or this sale that you want to mention? They cut down their labor cost out of the equation down to one. It was a four person operation before, and they’ve tripled their output with one person versus their output with four manually. So the machine really offered them just a ton of efficiencies in terms of labor savings and then material savings alone, because that tubing is significantly cheaper than your premade bags on a roll. Sounds like it’s really going to be a nice solution for their business. Yeah, they’ve been using it for about a year and a half now.

And they’re satisfied with the machine? They’re satisfied and looking to order another one. Oh, that’s great. Great news. Blake. What would you want to tell a company that might be in need of a new packaging solution?

PAC Machinery is different than other automatic bagger manufacturers in particular because we offer a full line of solutions as opposed to just one product type. So not only can we offer an automatic bagger, but we can offer automatic L bar sealers and other shrink machines. Big Pneumatic bar sealers, vacuum sealers. We’re really not siloed to one product offering, so we can really go in and evaluate the customer’s needs and actually give them the best solution for their application as opposed to just the only solution that we make.

Right. Great points, Blake. Thank you for joining us today. If you are in need of a packaging solution, please consider PAC Machinery. With over 60 years of packaging industry experience, we will help you choose the best machine to fit your packaging needs. Visit

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