The Rollbag R3200 is ideal for pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies,  central fill facilities, centralized prescription processing, and general medical packaging.

This Rollbag R3200 Automatic Bagger is ideal for packaging medications as well as medical products of different sizes. Various configurations are available depending on your facility and operational requirements. This bagger is just right for high-volume or low-volume prescription processing.

  • Load, label, and seal bags in one step
  • Works with pre-opened bags on a roll or tubing
  • Great for packaging hundreds of orders per hour

Make bags of different lengths!

R3200 with bag maker assembly using tubing.

  • Make bags of different lengths with one machine
  • No need to purchase different bag sizes for multiple machines

Great for Warehouse Management Systems!

Rollbag R3200 information is printed as the mailer is being made.
  • Print and apply shipping labels as well as direct print on the bag
  • Integrated label printer applicator ties into warehouse management systems (WMS)

For more details on how the Rollbag R3200 Fulfillment Auto Bagger can help you get more orders out of your facility faster visit, call us at 1-800-985-9570, or email!

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