High-Performance L-bar Sealers

The Clamco heavy duty L-bar sealers are available in several sizes—4L, 6L, and the extra large 8L for packaging and sealing a variety of products. Clamco heavy duty L-bar sealers can be used with a wide range of films due to their precise temperature and speed controls. These dependable L-bar sealers are equipped with a sealing arm that works manually, pneumatically, or with a motor (motor drive available on the 6L and 8L). The robust design of the Clamco systems provides the framework for greater productivity and ensures consistently strong seals.

The use of integrated application-specific controls allow for easy and fast operator set-up and provide years of trouble-free operation. The Clamco L-bar sealers offer a hot knife seal bar option for sealing PVC and polyethylene films. In addition to the temperature control, the Clamco L-Bar sealer has dwell control for continued seal time under pressure, and speed control for the product power take-away conveyor. The Clamco system also has a convenient adjustable height control for the power take-away conveyor to provide smooth product transfer.

The Clamco heavy duty L-bar sealers are 24/7 machines that minimize maintenance, provide consistently strong seals and can be used with a wide range of films.

The Clamco heavy duty L-bar sealer is made in the USA  and includes a 3-year limited warranty.

Financing Options from $200/month

4L 6L 8L seal height adjustment, Film Cradle, Temperature controlled impulse seal wire


Operating Features

  • Power take-away conveyor for automatically transporting the product from the seal area
  • Automatic closing seal bar arm (optional)
  • Heavy duty frame construction provides 24/7 operation
  • Easy-to-use operator controls enhance operator effectiveness
  • Independent dwell control allows flexibility for utilizing a wide range of films

Sealing Features

  • Large dual magnetic hold down ensures a consistent seal pressure
  • Height adjustable, heavy duty seal head with stainless steel film clamps
  • Unique temperature control provides consistent seals and longer wire life
  • Spring tension adjustment enhances seal arm counterbalance and return speed
  • Pin perforation wheels allow for ventilation and excellent shrink

Set-up Features

  • Cycle delay sets the time between cycles in automatic mode (optional)
  • Lower Film Cradle gives the machine a smaller footprint

Safety Features

  • Cycle start button for operator safety
  • Locking casters for safety and stability
  • CE compliant design for enhanced troubleshooting


Model Clamco 4L Clamco 6L Clamco 8L
Seal length (end) 19″ 27.5″ 39″
Seal length (side) 22″ 33″ 50″/69″/88″
Maximum film width 24″ 32″ 52″
Overall length 35″ 60″ 87″/101″/119″
Overall width 27.5″ 36″ 51″
Overall height 36″ 36″ 41″
Electrical 220 Volt, 10 amp, 1 Ph 220 Volt, 10 amp, 1 Ph 220 Volt, 20 amp, 1 Ph
Shipping weight 450 lbs 600 lbs 1300 lbs

L-bar Sealer Options

  • Automatic closing seal arm increases production rate
    – motor operated (6L and 8L only)
    – pneumatically operated (4L and 6L)
  • Hot Knife with mushroom blades for sealing PVC and Polyethylene films
  • PTFE Coated Seal Wire for use with PVC and Polyethylene films

Operating Options

  • Double Film Cradle for twice the capacity of machine film
  • Film Inverting Head with power film unwind ensures high-speed productivity
  • Power Film Unwind electrically moves film roll to ensure film consistency
  • Trim Take-Up Wheel to automatically rewind trim
  • Blower Table adds air to the film for easier product loading
  • Package Lift for assistance with heavy or oversized products (8L only)
  • Foot Switch Cycle ActivationInstead of using the start button, the cycle is activated via a footswitch for operator convenience (requires automatic closing option)

 Clamco Heavy Duty L-Bar Sealer Datasheet

 Clamco Shrink Packaging Solutions Brochure