Rollbag Pre-Opened Bags On A Roll for Auto Baggers


Our Rollbag™ brand bags are designed to run on all automatic bagging machines that use pre-opened bags on a roll, including Rollbag™ Baggers by Clamco Packaging, Autobag® Baggers by Automated Packaging Systems, and MAX™ Baggers by Sharp Packaging. These bags come perforated on a roll with one side open for easy insertion of your product while the bag is still attached to the roll and bag dispenser. We can also manufacture them to be fan-folded in a box for easy loading and reduced changeover time.

Magnum is a trademark of Clamco Packaging. Autobag is a registered trademark of Automated Packaging Systems. MAX is a trademark of Sharp Packaging Systems.

  • Custom Bags On A Roll

    Our Rollbag brand of custom pre-opened bags on a roll are designed to run on all automatic bagging machines that use Autobag® style pre-opened bags on a roll.

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  • Stock Bags On A Roll

    We stock a large variety of plain clear and duplex (white front / clear back) pre-opened bags-on-a-roll.

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  • Mailer Rollbag Poly Mailer for Auto Baggers

    Coex Poly Mailer Rollbags

    These are co-extruded mail order fulfillment poly mailer bags that come on a roll or fan folded in a box and are designed to work on all brands of auto baggers and auto packers.

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  • Sideload Bags

    Our Sideload bags are specially designed to be used on all SPrint SidePouch baggers. These bags are made to meet the high speed requirements of SPrint SidePouch baggers.

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  • Automatic Baggers

    Our Rollbag automatic bagging systems, by Clamco, deliver exceptional value, speed and flexibility for bagging operations.

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  • Thermal Transfer Ribbon

    Our high performance thermal transfer ribbons are designed auto baggers equipped with flat-head and near-edge thermal transfer printers.

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