Flow Wrapper for Wrapping Chocolate Candy Bars

Below is a video showing our FW 400F flow wrapper being used to wrap chocolate candy bars. Using the FW 400F flow wrapper, chocolate candy bars can be wrapped at a speed of up to 120 bars/min.

The customer for whom we built this machine had a few requirements in order to wrap their chocolate candy bars using a flow wrapper, instead of packaging by hand.

First off, the customer had a limited production space where they made and wrapped their chocolate bars, so we built this flow wrapper with a short infeed conveyor. If packaging space is at a premium and you will be loading your bars by hand, the short infeed conveyor is something to consider.

Furthermore, given that the candy bars being wrapped were made of chocolate, the customer decided to use a film with a cold seal adhesive. The benefit to them was that this eliminated the possibility of any chocolate melting, given that the fin seal and end seal jaws operate without heat during the wrapping process. The alternative would have been to build the machine with water-cooled transfer plates, but they decided not to go this route.

For this application we recommended optional end seal and fin seal assist brushes. The benefit of these brushes is that they keep the film tight around the chocolate bars during the wrapping process.

Click here for more info on our FW 400F flow wrapper for wrapping your chocolate, health, candy, or other bars.

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