Flow wrappers perform three tasks in one fluid and continuous operation – forming a bag, filling it with product, and sealing and discharging the finished package. These packages are protective, consistent, and professional looking.

Our flow wrappers are the preferred choice for everyone from small start-ups to large companies with higher speed wrapping requirements. PAC’s flow wrappers are used to wrap items such as candy bars, ice cream bars, brownies, popsicles, cookies, muffins, and even medical devices and industrial parts.

  • FW 350TC Flow Wrapper with stand

    FW 350T Flow Wrapper

    The 350TC Flow Wrapper is a high performance wrapper in a small footprint. This flow wrapper is the perfect choice for new applications or for increasing your production capacity.

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  • FW 400F Flow Wrapper

    The FW 400F is a horizontal flow wrapper that’s ideal for suppliers of products that must be packaged individually with print registered film. The FW 400F flow wrapper is the perfect choice to meet the production needs of everyone from small start-ups to large companies with higher speed requirements.

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  • FW 450FH Flow Wrapper

    PAC Machinery’s new FW-450FH flow wrapper is intended for packaging soft or flexible products individually or in multi-packs at speeds up to 150 packages per minute. Designed for ease of use and fast product changeover to limit production down time,…

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  • FW 450S Flow Wrapper

    The FW 450S is a high-speed servo flow wrapper with a user-friendly human/machine interface control. The touch panel PLC allows for storage of settings for fast change over of products. The adjustable former and single or double jaw configuration make…

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