PAC FW 400F Flow Wrapper

Horizontal Flow Wrapper

The FW 400F is a horizontal flow wrapper that is ideal for suppliers of products that must be packaged individually. These products include candy bars, chocolate, brownies, buns, crackers, ice cream bars, popsicles, and even electronic and medical products.

This flow wrapper is compact but able to achieve speed up to 120 packages/min (up to 180 packs/min on twin jaw version). The FW 400F flow wrapper is the perfect choice to meet the production needs of everyone from small start-ups to large companies with higher speed requirements.

This flow wrapper includes print registration capability with precision control for indexing pre-printed films. The adjustable former allows this machine to accommodate a large variety of product dimensions, while digital display and guide rulers make product size change over fast and easy.

The product is fed into the machine either manually or automatically. The product in-feed conveyor indexes items forward and encloses them into a formed tube of film. This web of material is then sealed using a “fin seal”. The enclosed product is then further indexed to be end sealed and cut off in a continuous process. The result is a neatly wrapped finished product. The belt out-feed conveyor provides smooth transfer of product from the machine to accumulation area or for feeding directly to your transfer conveyor.

The FW 400F flow wrapper is designed for ease of use and changeover flexibility.

The FW 400F Flow Wrapper includes a 2-year limited warranty.

Financing options from $600/month



Technical Specs400F Flow Wrapper
SpeedUp to 120 packages/ min
Bag Length3.25″ – 12.5″
Max Product Height3″
Max Product Width4.75″
Infeed Conveyor Length5 Feet
Max Film Width12.5"
Max Film Diameter12.5″O.D. Film Core: 3″ I.D.
Machine Dimensions (L x D x H)112″ x 32″ x 60″
Electrical230V, 1-ph, 15A



  • Precision photocell for indexing pre-printed registered film
  • Adjustable bag former to accommodate various product dimensions
  • Single film roll holder with adjustment for easy centering of film
  • 5′ in-feed conveyor with adjustable width for various product dimensions
  • Discharge conveyor
  • End of film detection to stop machine automatically
  • Safety covers to prevent operator access to moving parts
  • Easy to use touch screen controller
  • Dual fin seal wheels
  • Independent temperature controllers for fin and end seals
  • Stainless steel machine frame
  • Stainless steel product contact areas
  • Zig-zag end seal cut for easy opening of package


Hot Stamp Printer
For date/ lot coding.
Thermal Transfer Printer
For printing bar codes and variable product information.
Twin Jaw Configuration
For higher packaging speeds (up to 180 packs/min) and tighter packages on short products.
Deluxe Adjustable Former
Straight Cut End Seal Knife with Tear Notch
End Seal with Round Hang Hole

Additional Options

Gas Flush
For modified atmosphere packaging, extending product shelf-life.

Extended Feeding Conveyor

Delicate Product Conveyor

Automatic Feeding Conveyor

Round Accumulation Table

Assistant Brushes
Fin and/or end seal.

Water Cool Ready Transfer Plates
For ice cream bars.

Water Chiller 
For water cool transfer plates.

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