PAC FW 650SI Inverted Flow Wrapper

Servo Box Motion
Inverted Flow Wrapper

The FW 650SI is servo-driven flow wrapper with a lower reel design for feeding of soft or delicate products. This flow wrapper features servo operation for high speed, minimal maintenance, and ease of set-up. The end seal jaws operate using a box motion design for high speed and sufficient seal time on a range of different materials. The FW 650SI has a 13.5” wide end seal jaw to accommodate products up to 12” wide or 8” in height. The FW 650SI can operate at a speed of up to 80 packs/min and comes standard with a belted infeed conveyor, which provides flexibility when packing products of various length.

This product is new for 2024. It runs with curbside recyclable paper packaging that can be purchased from PAC Machinery Bags and Materials. The system is a finalist in the MHI Innovation Awards for Best new “Innovation in Sustainability” Read here

Check out the NEW Fiberflex® paper that this machine can run as well as poly.



Technical Specs650SI Flow Wrapper
SpeedUp to 80 packages/ min
End Seal Bar 13.75"
Max Product Height8″
Max Product Width12″
Max Film Width29.5″
Max Film Diameter13.75″
Machine Dimensions (L x D x H)64″W x 198″ L x 90″ H
Electrical220V, 3-ph, 20A
Air90 psi at 5CFM
Machine Weight2,315 lbs


Infeed Benefits

  • 6.5 ft. infeed conveyor belt with adjustable guides for multiple loading stations
  • Removable infeed conveyor, with product catch drawers, for ease of cleaning

Sealing Benefits

  • Lower reel (inverted) film flow for feeding of soft or delicate products.
  • Continuous (box) motion end seal jaws for high speed and maximum sealing time
  • Three pairs of fin seal wheels (pulling of film, sealing of film, folding of film) for high performance on a variety of film materials, including OPP, laminates, and heat sealable paper
  • Preheating of fin seal wheels to achieve higher production rate, ideal for thicker materials
  • Motorized end seal bar height adjustment, storable via recipe
  • Motorized fin seal height adjustment, storable via recipe

Set-Up and Operating Benefits

  • Pneumatic air press device removes excess air in the package prior to sealing
  • Motorized film roll holder with pneumatic shaft for ease of positioning and precise unwind
  • Adjustable film former for use on a variety of materials and product sizes
  • Digital and analog I/O modules for upstream and downstream automation
  • Easy to navigate 7” HMI touchscreen interface with Panel PC 
  • Display of key packing statistics, including production rate and efficiency
  • Quick changeover with 50 recipe memory

Safety Features

  • Enclosed electrical interlocked guarding ensures operator safety
  • CE compliant design for improved safety and troubleshooting
  • Readily accessible emergency stop button



Thermal Transfer Printer
4" width label printer applicator mounted

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