Fiberflex curbside recyclable paper


Introducing Fiberflex® paper to create high-performance, eco-friendly paper mailers for automatic bagging and flow wrapping machines that consumers can recycle curbside. This new and innovative environmentally-friendly paper is designed for use on PAC Machinery packaging equipment, including PAC’s best-selling Rollbag R3200, R3200XL fulfillment, and Magnum Horizontal Fulfillment automatic baggers and the NEW FW 650SI is servo-driven flow wrapper.

Fiberflex eliminates boxing items, manual hand packing, packaging with plastic and the ability to package at least 4X’s faster than by hand.

Fiberflex is available as pre-opened bags for auto baggers and in rollstock for flow wrappers. It is ideal for customers who:

  • Want to switch from plastic poly mailers to paper mailers because of the curbside recyclability factor.
  • Have a brand that aligns with an eco-friendly packaging message.
  • Are hand packing or boxing and want to reduce labor required as well as speed up the packaging process

Purchasing options:

  • Pre-opened version designed for mailing
    are produced with least 50% recycled content
  • Rollstock version is available as virgin paper up to 100%
    recycled content
  • Both can be custom-printed with branding and are
    available in kraft brown paper as well as bleach white.





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