PAC has many ways to provide environmentally conscious companies with earth friendly packaging solutions.
Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

From innovative efficient equipment which reduces material use to recycled and recyclable mailers, PAC Machinery continues to develop green solutions.
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Increase efficiency and lower material costs

The Rollbag™ R3200 Fulfillment automatic bagger is an elite mail order fulfillment bagging system. This automatic bagger works with poly tubing as well as bags on a roll. The benefits of poly tubing include lower material costs as well as right-sizing of the bag to the product by changing bag length on the fly, lowering shipping costs, and reducing material usage

Rollbag poly tubing and coex mailer poly tubing
Use Rollbag poly tubing and coex mailer poly tubing instead to use less plastic and in having to buy differnet bag sizes as tubing make a bag to the length of the product for the highest efficiency and savings in packaging material.

Recylene Bag

Bags made of over 50% recycled content
Recylene material blend features a unique formula containing over 50% recycled content. This content is a blend of industrial and consumer recycled poly.










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