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A Children's Clothing Company Quadrouples Production Speed In Bagging Rework

Quadroupled Production Speed in Bagging Rework!

Learn more about how we helped a leader in baby and children’s clothing quadrouple their production speed in the bagging rework with our automatic baggers.  This company went from bagging two produts to eight per minute. The solution was the PAC Machinery Rollbag R785 automatic bagger. In this video, Regional Sales Manager Bryce tells us about this successful customer story.


Learn how a well-known brand of children’s clothing quadrupled their speed for bagging rework in this packaging story can you tell me what this company
does and what kind of products they’re bagging.

This company is a manufacturer of children’s wear. Most of it’s manufactured over seas but the big distribution center is right outside of Somerville, South Carolina, and like I said the R785s they bought, the three of them they bought, are for what’s called rework. So no labeling, just putting a onesie or maybe a little sweater or whatever back in a bag.

Why do you think you had success with them? Do you think it was one the personalized touch about you being there and overseeing it and staying with the customer through the process/ Do you want to talk about why do you think this project was a success?

Two things, two reasons why I mean number one’s the performance of the machine it’s a the R785. It is a more advanced machine. There’s more that we can do with it. You know we don’t force people to use our bags but these folks are. You can run almost any type of bag on there as long as it’s not too thick.

What is it doing for their business?

The three R785’s that are in place have quadrupled their speed. So they went from 2 to 8 a minute and quadrupled their speed when it comes to bagging rework. Obviously, it worked really well. They wouldn’t have turned around and ordered two more machines immediately. You know the machines when they get in place they’re great and that’s what keeps our customers coming back is when you take somebody from 1 to 2 a minute to 6 a minute. The return
on investment is huge! You know you can reallocate an employee or you can avoid hiring a temp which could be $25,000 to $55,000 a year depending on how much you use them you know and an R785 is still under $30,000 with the printer so you get that money back like that and that’s what keeps it going for us as a company is that we have you know when people get the machines in place and we get them dialed in they really becomes fans of PAC Machinery
Rollbag baggers. 

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