Clamco 6750EL Auto L-Bar Sealer

All-Electric Smooth Quiet Operation

The Clamco 6750EL automatic intermittent motion L-Bar sealer is a highly efficient, all-electric shrink wrapper that delivers high-quality performance at an exceptional value. Using center-folded film this automatic L-Bar sealer may be used for shrink wrapping (used with a shrink tunnel) or for bagging various single products or groups of products into a single package. 6750EL requires no compressed air and provides quiet operation and greater efficiency compared to conventional pneumatic models. It also offers greater flexibility in terms of placement within a facility.

Create Dazzling Packages

The 6750EL L-Bar sealer creates exceptionally well-formed packages using motorized seal centering and package opening height adjustment. These controls make it easy for the operator to adjust the seal center and height for precision control of film handling. The 6750EL will wrap products of various sizes quickly and requires minimal time or effort for film size changeover. Products can be sealed in crystal-clear film to protect against dust, dirt, moisture, and tampering. Beautiful, shrink-wrapped packages provide a protective covering while product contents remain visible inside.

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Model 6750EL
Production capacityup to 60 packs/min*
Conveyor speedup to 95 ft/min
Seal bar (cross x front)20" x 25"**
Product height (max)8"
Film width (max)23.5", Centerfold
Film roll diameter (max)13.75"
Electrical220V, 1 Phase, 18 Amp, 50/60 Hz
AirNot required
Machine size86" L x 60" W x 65" H
Machine weight1,450 lbs
Warranty2 years
*Speed dependent on package size, configuration, and film used.
**Seal area is dependent on overall product size.


Operating Features

● Quiet all-electric smooth operation, no need for air
● Package speed up to 60 per minute for high production output, dependent on product size and film thickness
● Smooth Quiet Operation to reduce plant noise levels
● Easy to navigate touchscreen interface for operators of most skill levels
● Display of key packing statistics, including production rate and efficiency

Sealing Features

● Film economizer wheels reduce scrap and improve final package appearance
● Film minimizer allows the operator to adjust the trim tail away from the seal bar
● Trim take-up wheel keeps the work area clean
● Closing conveyor for smooth product transfer of small or flexible products
● Rounded cross seal bar decreases film breakage
● PTFE-coated sealing knives for high quality seals on most films
● Soft start/stop for stacked product helps reduce shingling to keep the product square

Set-Up Features

● Motorized seal centering and package opening height for effectively controlling proper film feeding and enhancing package appearance of the seal to the package
● Independent temperature adjustment of cross seal and longitudinal seal
● Low powered film cradle with a film inverting plow for easy film loading and threading
● Quick changeover and 50 program memory allows for product setup in less than five minutes

Safety Features

● Fully enclosed electrical interlocked guarding ensures operator safety
● Seal Bar safety sensors to detect product obstructions during closing
● CE Compliant design for proper wiring, and safety operations
● Emergency stop button strategically placed for quick operator response


Polyethylene Cross Seal Bar
To use 0.5–3 mil gauge polyethylene film.

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