Coffee Pac

Nozzle Vacuum Sealer Perfect for Roasters and Packagers using Coffee Bags

The Coffee Pac vacuum sealer provides roasters and packagers an efficient and economical method of preserving the freshness of their coffee by vacuum packaging and/or gas purging (typically nitrogen flush). This vacuum sealer features four stainless steel nozzles for production efficiency. The Coffee Pac vacuum sealer vacuum packages approximately 4 cycles per minute so that up to 16 bags/min can be produced, depending upon operator efficiency and desired residual oxygen level.

  • The Coffee Pac vacuum sealer uses a high-flow venturi vacuum pump for quiet and powerful operation.
  • The venturi allows the coffee particles to pass through without damaging the pump. 
  • The Coffee Pac features a particle ejection system to clear the vacuum lines of any coffee debris after every vacuum cycle.
  • The Coffee Pac vacuum sealer can flush the bag with nitrogen or any other desired gas for maintained freshness of whole bean coffee.
  • The nitrogen flushing sequence can easily be changed from vacuum then gas, to gas then vacuum, or gas only with no vacuum.

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  • Seal Length: 18″, 24″, or 30″
  • Seal Width: 5/16″
  • Bi-active Seal: Top and bottom heated seal bars for thick materials or reducing seal time
  • Pneumatically-operated seal jaws for high pressure sealing
  • Thermal impulse time control system
  • Independent timers for vacuum, gas, seal, and cool
  • Pressure-evening system for sealing thick or gusseted bags
  • Foot pedal cycle activation

Vacuum System

  • Fast, quiet venturi vacuum system
  • Four high flow, stainless steel nozzles
  • Gas flush (typically nitrogen flush) after vacuum, if required
  • Particle ejection system automatically clears debris or product from the nozzle after each cycle


  • Individual controls allow vacuum only, gas flush only, or gas flush after vacuum
  • Designed to package whole bean or ground coffee in flat or gusseted bags
  • Stainless steel work shelf and adjustable bag support helps position the bag
  • Seals a wide variety of poly or foil materials


  • Low pressure jaw closing system
  • Automatic jaw interference release


Vacuum Options

  • Vacuum Reserve Tank with 1/4 Vacuum Pump (Coffee Pac Plus)
  • Multi-Stage: Perform up to two vacuum and gas cycles to achieve a lower residual oxygen level

Seal Options

  • 1/2″ wide serrated constant heat seal in both jaws, up to 550 °F (Coffee Pac PVB)
  • Seal Only Switch: Retracts nozzles for use as a bag sealer (no vacuum)

Safety Options

  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Two Stage Cycle Engagement: Jaws close by foot pedal, cycle initiated by dual palm buttons
  • Locking Control Box Cover: Cover on control cabinet to prevent unauthorized setting changes
  • Motorized Crank Adjustable Frame: Adjust the operating height of the machine for improved ergonomics

Other Options

  • SureSeal Digital Interface: Includes 9 program job storage, cycle counter, and multiple vacuum/gas cycles
  • Stainless Steel Construction: For wet or corrosive environments
  • Integrated Air Compressor
  • 220V Operation
  • CE Compliant Design
  • Casters

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