Custom Rollbags®

Rollbag Pre-Opened Bags on a Roll for all Automatic Baggers

Rollbag brand bags are designed to run beautifully on all automatic bagging machines that use Autobag style pre-opened bags on a roll. Each bag has an open end for easy insertion of the product, and a perforation between bags.  Pre-opened, perforated bags are also available fan-folded in a box for easier loading and reduced changeover time. Premium quality Rollbag brand bags are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and materials. Rollbag brand bags are also available with custom printing up to 8 colors with either Pantone matching or 4 color process.

Our bags are Eco-friendly
Our bags are produced with 25% post-industrial recycled resins. For the eco-conscious business, we also offer additional sustainable options.  

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Bag Size2–36″ Width3–72″ Length
Bag Gauge1.25 – 5 mil
PrintingLine, Screen, and Process Printing
Up to 8 colors1 or 2 sided printing
1 color 1 side inline printing for short runs
ColorsPantone Matching System
InksBrilliant color solvent-based inks
Custom ink formulations



Our bags are available with print up to 8 colors in either Pantone match or process print. For more details on our print capabilities click here.


Our Rollbag pre-opened bags on a roll can be made with a variety of different features depending on the specific application. These include headers, vent holes, hang holes, perforations, and others. For a complete list click here.


Rollbags are typically made out of a specially-enhanced linear low density blend polyethylene. However, they can also be made out of a variety of other materials, including polypropylene, anti-static, biodegradable, and white/gray coex. For a complete list and details visit our features and configuration page click here.

Stock Bags

We stock a range of our basic Rollbag brand plain Autobag style pre-opened bags on rolls. For a complete list click here.

Unique and Custom Bags on a Roll

Sometimes the exact bag you’re looking for doesn’t exist. Let us create a custom solution for you. Applications we’ve created for other customers include reclosable pre-opened bags on a roll and packing slip pre-opened bags on a roll. These unique bags work on our Rollbag automatic baggers to improve packing efficiency.

Rollbag Tolerances

Size, feature, and print tolerances for our Rollbag pre-opened poly bags on a roll are +/- 1/8″ in the width direction (horizontal) and +/- 3/16″ in the length direction (vertical). Our pre-production department will work with you to ensure that your desired bag layout falls within these tolerances.

Magnum is a trademark of Clamco Packaging. Autobag is a registered trademark of Automated Packaging Systems. MAX is a trademark of Sharp Packaging Systems.

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