Rollbag® R1275 Auto Bagger

High Speed and Low Cost of Ownership

Operating at speeds up to 60 bags per minute, the Rollbag R1275 Automatic Bagger is the fastest automatic bagger in its class. This exceptionally rugged and versatile automatic bagger is designed for multi-shift production and matches the performance of automatic baggers which cost thousands more. The high performance of this automatic bagger is accomplished through continuous development of its time tested platform, a powerful PLC, and a unique stepper motor drive. Perfect for cramped work areas, the Rollbag R1275 is compact and has a small footprint.

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ModelRollbag R1275 Automatic Bagger
SpeedUp to 60 bags per minute (dry cycle)
Bag Width2" - 10" (50mm - 304mm)
Bag Length3" - 20" (76mm - 508mm)
Bag Thickness1mil - 5mil
Seal Width1/8"
Electrical Requirement120v, 7a, 50/60hz
Air Requirement80psi @ 2 - 5 cfm (5.5bar @ 140 l/m)
Dimensions26"W x 28"D x 22"H (661mm x 711mm x 559mm)
Weight 75lbs (35kg)
Warranty1 year limited warranty, extendable to 3 years when exclusively using Rollbag brand bags on a roll
OriginMade in the USA


Machine Features

  • High throughput packaging (up to 60 bags/min) in a compact tabletop design
  • Designed for multi-shift production
  • Operator friendly color touch screen stores sealing parameters for 20 jobs
  • Simplicity of the interface makes the R1275 very user friendly and simplifies operator training
  • Integrated dancing roller system designed for consistent film feeding
  • Interface port integrates counters, scales, robotics and other automatic feeding devices
  • Programmable time delay for operator pace control or automatic feeding
  • Foot pedal, control panel, or optional photo-eye available to trigger the bagger

Maintenance Benefits

  • Designed to minimize preventative maintenance costs
  • Self diagnostics ensure quick problem solving
  • Off the shelf components

Safety Features

  • Low-pressure closing with obstruction detection system for improved operator safety
  • Unobtrusive guards
  • Prominent emergency stop button
  • 220 Volt version designed to meet CE requirements


Air Expeller/ Bag Deflator
This option mounts to the pressure bar to compresses the air out of the bag as it travels inward toward the machine just prior to the sealing process.
Sorting Table with Dividers
Stainless Steel table mounted above the machine that allows for sorting, storing and kitting of product before manually pushing the product into the adjustable funnel, which guides the product into the bag.
Additional Parts Funnels
Wide variety of standard and custom funnels to assist product handling.
Articulating Bag Support
Pneumatically operated shelf that is used to support the bottom and back of the bag during the loading process. The shelf then tips down and out of the way after the bag has been sealed.
Bag Spreader / Seal Flatteners
Pneumatically operated opposing fingers that pull each side of the bag taught above the seal area to flatten the bag seal area; thus, decreasing the possibility of wrinkles in the seal area and increasing seal integrity.
Bag Support
Fixed shelf to support the bags during loading of heavy products.
Dual Start Buttons (Anti-Tie Down)
Two optical no touch” buttons must be passed through simultaneously to initiate the cycle operation of the bagger. If the two sensors are not passed through at the same time, the bagger will not cycle ensuring that fingers or hands cannot be in the seal area. Recommended for hand load applications where no funnel is used.
Ergonomic Start Switch
A pass through switch used in place of a foot pedal to cycle the machine.
Hot Stamp Printer
For printing date and lot codes.
Kit/ Counting Conveyors
To help with kit packaging and/or product counting operations.
Label Printer & Applicator
Print and apply labels to your package before inserting the product. This high-resolution industrial thermal transfer printer with label applicator is great for type, graphics, and barcodes, 300 dpi (dots per inch) and a 4″ print width. Enjoy speedy label printing and output up to 300mm/s. Compatible with a wide range of peripherals and software for customized solutions.
Thermal Transfer Printer
203 dpi (dots per inch) 4.09 inches wide, speeds up to 10 inches per second. The printer can print barcodes, several text formats and alphanumeric symbols and special characters. It has a built-in ribbon saving feature standard, thus reducing wasted thermal transfer ribbon between imprints. USB, Parallel and Serial ports available.
Tabletop Console Stand
Mechanically adjustable stand for all of the tabletop machines.
220 Volt Option
Is available 220V, 50/60 Hz.
Motorized Adjustable Height Stand
Mount the auto bagger to this optional motorized height adjustable stand. Includes enough space to place rolls of bags. The stand is adjustable in height at the push of a button, making it comfortable for all operators, in a sitting or standing position. It features casters to easily move the machine around a production facility or warehouse. Stand goes from 22" to 34" high.
Using the new motorized adjustable height stand, allows the user to also add PAC’s Motorized Conveyor (see options section). Bags drop down from the bagger onto the stainless conveyor that gets placed in front of the bagger. Products travel up the adjustable incline section which has a height of approximately 35”. Conveyor is available in 10″ & 16″ widths.

Additional Options

Conveyor/ Feeder Ready Cabling
The pre-wired cables that allow you to connect to the DC controls of in-feed devices.

Photo Eye for Bag Bottom Sensing
This option allows you to cycle the bagger without the use of the spark sensor for bag length registration.

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