Rollbag® Stock Bags

Pre-Opened Stock Bags on a Roll

Need bags right away? We have Rollbags in stock and ready for quick shipment!

We stock a large variety of plain clear and duplex (white front / clear back) pre-opened bags on a roll. Clear bags are also available with a 1/8″ vent. You will also find Rollbag Poly Mailer bags, made with coex, white outside with silver inside for security. For your convenience, we have a selection of Rollbags with a suffocation warning (in 3 languages) preprinted on each bag. When you’re looking for immediate availability of stock bags on a roll at an affordable price, see what we have to offer.

Our bags are Eco-friendly
Our bags are produced with 25% post-industrial recycled resins. For the eco-conscious business, we also offer additional sustainable options.

PAC Bags and Materials stock list download
PAC Bags and Materials stock list download

All Rollbag stock bag types and sizes can be found below in our specifications section or download the complete list.

Style of Bags:

  • Clear
  • Clear with 1/8” vent
  • Clear with 3 language suffocation warning
  • White / Clear Duplex
  • White/gray coex for mailing

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Clear Rollbags

Part #W″x L″StrengthBags/RollRolls/CaseBags/Case
982-0000092 x 3Extra40001664,000
982-0000013 x 3Standard45001254,000
982-0000103 x 3Extra40001248,000
982-0000113 x 4Extra30001236,000
982-0000023 x 5Standard30001236,000
982-0000123 x 5Extra20001224,000
982-0000144 x 5Extra20001020,000
982-0000044 x 6Standard25001025,000
982-0000154 x 6Extra20001020,000
982-0000794 x 6Super15001015,000
982-0000164 x 8Extra12501012,500
982-0000175 x 6Extra2000816,000
982-0000065 x 7Standard2000816,000
982-0000185 x 7Extra1750814,000
982-0000076 x 8Standard1750610,500
982-0000206 x 8Extra12506 7,500
982-0000216 x 10Extra12506 7,500
982-0000088 x 10Standard150046,000
982-0000228 x 10Extra125045,000
982-0000239 x 12.5Extra100044,000

Duplex—White Front Open, Clear Back Rollbags

Part #W″x L″StrengthBags/RollRolls/CaseBags/Case
982-0000724 x 6Extra Duplex20001020,000
982-0000735 x 7Extra Duplex1750814,000
982-0000746 x 8Extra Duplex12506 7,500
982-0000758 x 10Extra Duplex125045,000

Vented Clear Rollbags

Part #W″x L″StrengthBags/RollRolls/CaseBags/Case
987-0000154 x 6Extra Vented20001020,000
987-0000185 x 7Extra Vented1750814,000
987-0000206 x 8Extra Vented12506 7,500
987-0000228 x 10Extra Vented125045,000
987-0000239 x 12.5Extra Vented100044,000

Rollbags with printed Suffocation Warning

Part #W″x L″StrengthBags/RollRolls/CaseBags/Case
983-0000036 x 8Extra, vented1,25067,500
983-0000029 x 12.5Extra, vented1,00044,000
983-00000110 x 15Standard, vented1,00044,000
983-00000410 x 15Standard, no vent1,00044,000

White/Silver Coex Rollbag Mailer, Vented

Part #W″x L″StrengthBags/RollRolls/CaseBags/Case
988-0000828 x 112.5 Mil100044,000
988-00008310 x 132.5 Mil100044,000
988-00008412 x 15.52.5 Mil75021,500
988-00008514.5 x 192.5 Mil1,000 fan folded in a box11,000
988-00008616 x 272.5 Mil 750 fan folded in a box1750
988-00008919 x 242.5 Mil 750 fan folded in a box1750

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