Vertrod P-CAN Cantilever

Thermal Impulse Heat Sealer

The Vertrod P-CAN pneumatic cantilever sealer is an industrial grade thermal impulse heat sealer for applications that require unobstructed access to the sealing jaws. Typical applications are sealing across tubing, lap sealing a sleeve or “dead-end” assembly, splicing thin belts, sealing filling valves on free standing bags (pouches) and closing bulky packages.

Combine with an Air Expeller to reduce product volume
With the optional air expeller, product volume can be reduced by means of compression. The air expeller compresses the product while forcing air out of the package, just prior to the sealing cycle. This method is faster than vacuum packaging to reduce product volume while also maintaining a consistent, uniform package shape.

A Bagmaster bag opener used in conjunction with the optional extended product support table will allow a single operator to load product and run the compression / sealing cycle in a single step.

Typical compression applications include packaging foam products, textiles, and other bulky flexible products. The Vertrod P-CAN pneumatic cantilever is built in three frame sizes with seal lengths ranging from 14″–36″ and a variety of sealing jaw configurations.

The Vertrod P-CAN pneumatic cantilever sealer is made in the USA and includes a 3-year limited warranty.



Model 6700GLX
Seal length14″, 20”, 24”, 30”, 36”
Seal width1/4"
(3/8", 1/2", 2x 1/8", 2x 1/4" optional)
Electrical120V, 1ph, 15A
Air minimum80psi @ 5CFM
Country of ManufactureUSA
14" and 20" PCAN
24” and 30” PCAN
36” PCAN
54”L (68” ET) x 20”D (48” AE) x 62” H
63”L (88” ET) x 20”D (48” AE) x 62” H
69”L (94” ET) x 20”D (48” AE) x 62” H
ET –with Extension Table AE –with Air Expeller
P-CAN 14" & 20"54”L x 20”D x 62” H
P-CAN 24" & 30"63”L x 20”D x 62” H
P-CAN 36"69”L x 20”D x 62” H
P-CAN 14" & 20" w Air Expeller & Extension Table68”L x 48”D x 62” H
P-CAN 24" & 30" w Air Expeller & Extension Table88”L x 48”D x 62” H
P-CAN 36" w Air Expeller & Extension Table94”L x 48”D x 62” H


Sealing Features

  • Seal length: 14″, 20″, 24″, 30″,  or 36″
  • Seal width: 1/4″ standard (other widths optional)
  • Single side heater bar with opposing pressure bar
    (bottom jaw heated)
  • Time-based thermal impulse sealing system
  • High pressure sealing cylinder

Construction Features

  • Welded steel frame with powder coat finish
  • Adjustable height sealing head for thin or thick materials

Safety Features

  • Pneumatic low-pressure jaw close safety system with release if obstruction is detected
  • Foot switch cycle activation
  • Lexan safety cover over sealing jaws (optional)

Compression Features

  • Pneumatic air expeller for product evacuation
  • 8” opening between compression plate and support table (larger openings optional)
  • Independent speed control for seal jaws and air expeller
  • Adjustable pressure setting for air expeller
  • Product support table with height and angle adjustment



Sealing Options

  • PacMed validatable and calibratable control system
  • Wider seal widths: 3/8″, 1/2″, 2x 1/8″, 2x 1/4″
  • Reduced jaw opening for higher packaging rates
  • Bi-active jaws (top and bottom heated bars)
  • Hot Wire Trim (beaded trim seal)
  • Cold Cut Wire Trim
  • Water Cool ready heater bar
  • Suretemp™ temperature controller with digital readout
    (up to 350°F)
  • High Temperature Package (350°–650°F)
  • Water re-circulating package
  • Water Chiller

Air Expeller Options

  • Air Expeller assembly for compression of product and
    evacuation of air
  • Large product clearance for air expeller (8″–12″ or 12″–16″)
  • Extended product support table

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