Clamco Extra Large 8L Custom L-Bar Sealer and 8T Custom Heat Shrink Tunnel

Clamco heavy duty 8L custom L-bar sealers create durable, protective bags using centerfold poly film. Once enclosed and sealed in the film envelope, the product passes through a shrink tunnel where heat causes the film to shrink. Perfect for doors, windows, plastic panels, and many other large flat products, the Clamco custom L-bar sealer can improve packaging productivity and deliver consistently strong seals. Standard models include side seal lengths up to 88” and end seal lengths up to 39”; other configurations are available to suit your specific application. Systems are available with manually controlled, pneumatic or motor assist sealer arms to further enhance productivity and product handling.

Easy to set-up and easy to use, Clamco heavy duty custom L-bar sealers feature precise temperature and speed controls enabling them to accommodate a wide range of film materials. Clamco L-bar sealers have a single adjustable height control for the product take-away and power-take away conveyors for smoother product transfer.

Robust Clamco 8L heavy duty custom L-bar sealers are manufactured in the United States and are engineered for 24/7 productivity. They are backed by a 3-year limited warranty and will preform flawlessly with minimal maintenance. Wearable and replacement parts are stocked locally and can often be shipped the same day the order is received.

The following video shows a US manufacturer of large doors and panels that recently upgraded one of their packaging lines with a Clamco 8L custom L-bar sealer and 8T custom extra large heat shrink tunnel.

Clamco custom L-bar sealers are to be paired with heavy duty custom heat shrink tunnels in to create a complete shrink wrapping system for large products such as doors, panels, and mattresses.

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