Vertrod a PAC Machinery company

Vertrod invented the thermal impulse heat sealing process over half a century ago, and our products are known for rugged construction and the ability to produce uniform, consistent, hermetic seals in a wide variety of materials. It’s no surprise that many Vertrod thermal impulse heat sealers remain in service after decades of continuous use. The Vertrod name is synonymous with unparalleled,ultra long-termservice and reliability.


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  • Vertrod PS Impulse Sealer - shown with high pressure option

    Impulse Bar Sealers

    Vertrod impulse bar sealers are designed for demanding sealing applications of thick or high temperature materials.

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  • Compression Sealers

    Vertrod compression sealers are designed for unique applications where product and package volume can be reduced by means of compression.Typical applications include packaging foam products, textiles, or other bulky flexible products.

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  • Vertrod PCAN Pneumatic Cantilever Impulse Sealer

    Cantilever Sealers

    Vertrod cantilever sealers are designed for packaging and fabricating applications where access to the sealing jaws must be open and unobstructed.

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  • Vertrod VH Hand Held Sealer 2

    Portable Hand Held Sealers

    Portable hand held sealers are designed for packaging and fabricating applications where the sealing jaws must be brought to the work area.

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  • Vertrod DSL Drop Sealer

    Drop Sealers

    Drop sealers are ideal for speeding up production runs, particularly in applications that require the removal of air in the bag. Drop sealers function optimally when paired with a bag opening device.

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  • Vertrod OB Med Impulse Pouch Sealer

    Validatable Medical Sealers

    Vertrod’s validatable medical sealers feature real-time monitoring of all sealing parameters and an alarm feature to prevent operator error. Output ports allow for calibration and verification of all controls.

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