Moving Forward Packaging Greener

Moving Forward Packaging Greener

Returning from a successful PACK EXPO show, we catch up with Jessica Nick from PAC Machinery Bags and Materials Division where she provides an update in Episode 13 of “On the Pulse of Packaging” about moving forward packaging greener.

With Pack Expo Las Vegas las month, show attendees were able to see a lot of cool stuff in the area of sustainable packaging which has become a leading goal for companies across this country in every industry. At PAC Machinery’s exhibit, attendees were able to see both machine and sustainable bagging material options.

In this episode, Shannon and Jess talk about moving forward post-show and sustainable bagging options for packaging machinery including PAC’s bags being all made with a minimum of 25% recycled resigns, allowing companies to package more responsibly as standard without sacrificing quality or price with bag orders from PAC Machinery.

Since the big packaging show, people are also asking a lot about the NEW Fiberflex® paper packaging that is available for baggers and the NEW PAC Machinery FW 650SI Flow Wrapper. Fiberflex paper allows a company to ditch plastic completely and bag with a curbside recyclable paper option. It is avialable for the 650 model flow wrapper and on certain models of PAC’s Rollbag bagging machines. 

Info in this episode also includes what to do if you are a new packaging distributor and  information on additional benefits when you buy your bags and machine from PAC Machinery.

This great conversation also includes Jess’s thoughts on post show customer reactions to the PAC exhibit. Watch the full episode to learn more in this episode of “On The Pulse of Packaging.”

Shannon and Jess showing the NEW Fiberflex paper at Pack Expo show 2023.
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Jess shows customer all of the sustainable packaging options

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Video Transcript

Coming back from a successful Pack Expo show, we have Jessica Nick with us. She was at the show at the Bags and Materials exhibit inside the PAC Machinery booth and she’s going to give us a little follow up, Jess…..

Hi Shannon…it was great to see everybody at the Pack Expo exhibit. It was great to be within the top 20 of the exhibitors. We were really proud of that and I think that the sustainable bags was really an important talking point for a lot of people because everybody wants to make sure that they have a sustainable option and a greener way to move forward with their packaging.

What was some of your feedback at the show when you were talking to people who were very interested that we use recycled resins as our default?

All of our products can be sustainable without sacrificing quality or increasing price. People were also really interested in our new Fiberflex® line of heat sealable paper. I think it will be the move in the future for sure.


I want to thank everybody for stopping by. We had a great time meeting people during the show and at our happy hour on Monday night. That was terrific.

So how can people follow up with the Bags and Materials Division if they’re interested in getting a quote?

Absolutely you can email and that will send all of your information to the right representative.

I think we might want to remind the customers that if they buy bags from PAC Machinery and they buy their machine from PAC Machinery doing so when they buy the bags and the machinery together extends your warranty if you use PAC Machinery bags on a PAC Machinery machine. It will extend your warranty for 1 year to 5 years. Also, the bags are able to be used on other automatic baggers. Correct, that is correct. We guarantee our bags to run on any brand of automatic bagging machine.

What would be your advice for a new distributor? I would say give us a call tell us what you’re using, what you need and we absolutely have a solution that will be able to fit your needs within your timeline and your budget.

How is your quote to delivery process will you talk about that a little bit?

Absolutely  we have a variety of stock bags that ship within a couple days. We also can make any custom bag and our current lead times are four to eight weeks depending on the bag so we have fast responses and you’ll get your bags quickly.

Great well thanks so much Jessica we appreciate your time today. Thanks Shannon have a great day. Thanks you too.

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