Clamco • a PAC Machinery company

Clamco manufactures superior quality flexible packaging solutions specializing in bagging and shrink packaging systems. The company offers a full line of flexible packaging equipment, including L-bar sealers, shrink tunnels, and automatic baggers. Clamco has a long-standing reputation for quality and can provide engineering expertise to assist with customizing products and systems.


Rollbag R1285 Velocity - front view

Clamco has recently introduced the Rollbag R1285 Velocity automatic bagger. The Rollbag R1285 Velocity automatic bagger integrates a proven automatic bagger platform with direct-to-bag printer and variable data software.

As one of the PAC Machinery family of companies, we offer what we believe to be a comprehensive range of heat sealing solutions. In a larger sense, we deliver dependable, packaging solutions that are built to last. Our experience is measured in decades, and some of the PAC Machinery brands represent the very foundation upon which the flexible packaging industry was built. Should you require something unique, you are invited to contact one of our knowledgeable flexible packaging engineers for a solution to solve your most demanding packaging challenge. If you require dependable, long-lasting, packaging solutions, PAC Machinery can give you a competitive edge.