Machine Diversity and Flexibility

In episode two of “On the Pulse of Packaging”, we interviewed Tony Printy, Regional Sales Manager for the West at PAC Machinery. Tony gave some great advice for those companies looking for packaging machinery and a more automated packaging process.

  • Be Flexible. What you think you are looking for, you may find out that PAC has another solution that could work better for your requirements and budget.
  • PAC’s large range of machinery is a huge benefit to customers because it provides customers with options and allows us to better serve your packaging needs.

Tony provides a few great stories about recent visits with his customers who may end up selecting different machines than what they first set out to get after learning more about all of PAC’s great product offerings as there are many ways to package a product.

“Some customers will come to PAC Machinery for a Rollbag R3200 auto bagger and then realize a 6800CS Side Sealer will do a better job of poly bagging large items. Other customers come to PAC Machinery looking for a horizontal flow wrapper for their ice cream bars and then realize a Rollbag R785 with a label printer applicator is a better fit for their footprint, budget, and required packaging output.”

Tony also says that many customers are also surprised at the automation they can get from PAC Machinery’s packaging equipment. Many companies are out to do more with less staff and realize that sometimes automation is better to be done in steps.

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Here’s a look at the machine types mentioned in this episode.

Video Transcript

I guess one of the things that I’ve learned over the last few months in doing this this job along with I think some of the potential customers that I’ve talked to is that you know there’s a huge drive of course for people to want to go automated because of the employee situation. They are trying to figure out how they can do more with less employees like everybody. One of the things I think people think that they’re going to jump from going completely manual to a completely automated process just like that there’s some kind of Magic Bullet that’s going to allow them to do that.  I think some customers are realizing that you need to take the steps to get there and that things like going into to automatically bagging with an auto bagger can significantly increase your productivity but doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re fully automated. I think wrapping your mind around that is sometimes is difficult for people.

I even was very surprised at just how productive you can be with the bagger where you’re still putting something into that bagger but you’re  literally doing the work of three people and so I think that’s that is something that’s really important to impress upon people that are looking to automate. There’s those steps in between that you can do for you know whatever the next year two years you know before you really take that leap into full automation.

You know the other thing I’ve learned is because we have the four different product lines you know a lot of times people come to us that might be doing something say with auto baggers and don’t even don’t even realize that there’s other solutions out there that might be more appropriate. For instance, I went to a company when I first started working here literally the first few months I was here and I went to their facility. They make everyday products like sharpie pens so they’ll take a sharpie and they will put it in a bag and then put it put a bunch of those in another bag. Then they sterilize it and it goes into an operating room. So just everyday items but ones that have to be sterilized to go into an operating room. The Sharpie application is one of the ones where they had a person dropping in each Sharpie individually and  bagging each Sharpie and they were looking at this going this is so tedious. They asked is there is there a way that you can help us improve on this? Of course I looked at it and I’m like maybe, I don’t know. Then about a month later, a team member here at PAC actually sent me a video of somebody flow wrapping Sharpies so I sent that video to them and sure enough they were like wow that looks like it could really improve our productivity! They were willing to fly up and we did a demo on the Flow Wrapper which is a totally different way than what they were doing with their Baggers. They had no idea the flow wrapper solution even existed. So hopefully that will turn into a flow wrapper sale.

A lot of customers come into this thinking they want a certain machine but until maybe they see another option or they talk to a sales person that has more in-depth knowledge, that could change the machine that they’re going to end up buying. The customer was pretty open-minded open to looking at other solutions. We just don’t know what would work so when we brought them into the demo room we had some of our Baggers there but we also had the shrink machine and we went through everything. We started explaining all these different solutions and so now they’re looking at possibly four different options for doing their production.  

A benefit that our customers or people looking for packaging equipment have in working with PAC Machinery is that we have numerous solutions. Many of our machines could package a product. It’ll end up being a different way then they thought but it really just depends on the customer’s needs and what would be best for their packaging operation.  

I had I had another demo last week for somebody that was doing these little Mochi a little one inch by square Mochis from Hawaii and they were looking for a flow wrapper. Well they want to do this in multiple like retail locations and so the volumes per location will actually be fairly small so it doesn’t really justify a flow wrapper. So I showed them the Rollbag® R785 as a bagger and now he’s all excited. He’s like yeah this would work I mean it makes sense. It’s a small footprint and it’s half the price of a flow wrapper. He could add this to 10 different locations but he would have never known that and was looking at flow wrapper, competitive ones. They were looking at eighty thousand dollars and he’s like I can’t do $80,000 to $100,000 with 10 locations that’s a million dollars!  

He’s extremely excited about going to the bagger and this is another example of being able to offer a wider range of products that can that can actually meet the customer’s needs.

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