Packaging Trends in the Electronics Industry

In episode 5, we take a look at packaging trends in the electronics industry.  This episode features PAC Machinery product expert, Sean Geniesee. Sean tells us about the top selling Vacuum Sealers that PAC Machinery makes that is changing the way the electronics industry packages!  These machines include:

  1. VMS Single Chamber Vacuum Sealers
  2. PVG Industrial Vacuum Sealer
  3. PVT Plus

In this episode, Sean also talks about the recent passage of the 2022 CHIPS and Science Act and what that will mean for PAC Machinery’s business in the electronics market next year and beyond. Meanwhile, PAC has seen a recent increase this year in sales in the electronics market from electronic manufacturers that are increasing production and ramping up business already to take care of their customers in growing markets like the EV market. Watch the episode below! 

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VMS |   PVG   | PVT

Video Transcript

Welcome to this episode of “On the Pulse of Packaging” with guest, Sean Geniesee, a sales expert here at PAC Machinery and he is here to talk to us today about vacuum sealers (VMS Single Chamber Vacuum Sealers, PVG Industrial Vacuum Sealer, PVT Plus)  and machines for the electronics industry. Welcome Sean!

Q- So tell us a little bit about from your standpoint and your experience working with the customers that are in this electronics Industry. A little bit about what type of businesses they are in and maybe some of the machines that they’ve been interested in.

So again, the electronics Industry is such a vast marketplace. It’s a huge part of what we do whether it’s somebody that’s doing semiconductors or somebody that’s making manufacturing batteries for televisions for the auto industry you name it.  I mean there’s batteries and everything that we’re using today. So what’s interesting is that the US just signed legislation this year in fact that’s going to invest 250 billion dollars into the semiconductor industry which is phenomenal. Really what that means to us is it’s bringing back the dominance of the chip making back to the US and it also combats with the supply chain issues with overseas suppliers. For PAC Machinery we are well aligned to help support that because we do offer a wide range of vacuum sealers for that industry.

Q- Will you talk to us a little bit about the various models that we do have. I did do some research here and I pulled some sales numbers from 2022, from this year so far, and I thought this was really interesting to share and maybe you can kind of start your comments off of this but 83% of our sales this year are in this industry for electronics.

I have been with three machines from the VMS Single Chamber Vacuum Sealers to the PVG Industrial Vacuum Sealer  and third the PVT Plus so that pretty much hits all of those parameters. So we as a manufacturer, offer many different kinds of vacuum sealers many different seal lengths Etc but the VMS Single Chamber Vacuum Sealers for example as you mentioned that’s a chamber style sealer so that’s a little bit different than a conventional nozzle or jaw style sealer many applications um you know they’re table tops they come in many different configurations produces an amazing results great vacuumability and they come in various different sizes so if it’s somebody that’s looking to do maybe they’re not really designed for high production because of the overall time it takes to produce such an amazing result so sometimes these are lab machines sometimes maybe we’re going to do 15 to 20 of these packages per day or batch packaging etc.

Next in line is going to be the PVT Plus the tabletop version so again that’s kind of a smaller introductory robust machine but on the smaller scale of overall production.

Then we’ve got the PVG Industrial Vacuum Sealer which is the floor model that’s typically designed for more of your production type settings more robust got more features um a little more capable than the tabletop version and that is the highest selling model for this industry is that PVG Industrial Vacuum Sealer model. No question I mean great price point the way that it’s built. These are custom designed per application. I think you know the reason why so many people do use these in their business is because they are custom manufactured per application they’re easy to use, they’re  extremely dependable. They’re safe and again at the end of the day they produce excellent results. You know in fact many of our customers they’ve been using the same machine for decades hence the reason why they’re coming back for more.  

Q- I noticed when I pulled the customer list there are two customers that are repeat buyers. One is the largest global semiconductor manufacturer in the United States which is very impressive. They’ve purchased like six machines. Then I noticed there was another company, I won’t name them, but they are in the market for manufacturing these batteries. It’s going into the all the electronic vehicles EV’s that are being produced by car companies today. Maybe you could talk to us a little bit about companies with those kinds of products.

Just like you said, I mean, I think what I’ll do is just touch on again these are the leading manufacturers, not only in North America but globally that use our machines. You know you’ve got companies out there that are using the byproducts of these batteries. For example, you know these are batteries that have been in existence for three, four maybe ten years they’re no longer of use so there’s byproduct companies that are using that material to crush the material or to recycle that. They’re also using our machine not only is it on the front end of the production side of chip making or any type of electronic motherboards but it’s also what’s happens to these at the end of their life cycle. Now there’s a company out there that recycles this stuff so it’s twofold so again some of these like I like I mentioned earlier, some of these applications are for lab views some of them are for higher production so again we’ve got, we have the capability of providing solutions at any one of those particular areas.

Q- I guess have you heard any feedback from the customers on the machines you know really the only feedback that I hear is hey this machine works great we need another one because of increased production. I mean over the last couple of years the increase in this business in our market has at least doubled and I continue to see that trend so again it’s fantastic we’ve positioned ourselves great and it’s nice to see these customers coming back to us because of how well things work for them.

Q- Sean tell us what would you tell any company out there that is in the electronics Industry that’s looking for Packaging Machiner? What would you recommend to them and what would you say to them?

You can take my word for it but there’s a lot of testimonials on the website again there’s a lot of national brands that are using our materials. Typically what I like to do is just introduce myself find out a little bit more about their application what they’re doing whether it’s a new application whether it’s something brand new to them and I can kind of walk through the application and help them understand what machine might work best for their application even if it’s a repeat customer. I want to ask the right questions – Has anything changed in your application or is this something completely new? These are custom manufactured machines so we want to make sure that we build the right machine from the get-go. You know it’ll be interesting to see in 2023 with this CHIP act you know all this money that is now available to these companies and they’ll be able to purchase the equipment that they need to package the product and get that to the end users or the end companies that’s going to install those for whatever product they’re making. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s going to be even more of a spike next year because of this funding being available to them now. I would say yeah, I mean the 250 billion dollars is used in many different areas of the legislation but how it affects us is the IPI would definitely assume that it’s going to be triple the amount of what we’ve done in the last couple years.

I was reading a little bit about the Chips Act too and it’s supposed to go to American companies only which is absolutely right it’s only for American companies. Well thanks so much Sean thanks for your time and your Insight and your knowledge in this industry and contributions today thank you so much. My pleasure thank you.

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