Bags on a roll are in stock and ready for quick shipment

We stock a large variety of plain clear and duplex (white front / clear back) pre-opened bags on a roll. Clear bags are also available with a 1/8″ vent. When you’re looking for immediate availability of stock bags on a roll at an affordable price, see what we have to offer. For quick shipment of Converting Technology’s stock Rollbags call 1.877.ROLLBAG or email

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 Rollbag Brand Bags on a Roll Brochure

 Rollbag Pre-Opened Bags on a Roll Datasheet

Clear Rollbags

Part #W″x L″StrengthBags/RollRolls/CaseBags/Case
982-0000092 x 3Extra40001664,000
982-0000013 x 3Standard45001254,000
982-0000103 x 3Extra40001248,000
982-0000113 x 4Extra30001236,000
982-0000023 x 5Standard30001236,000
982-0000123 x 5Extra20001224,000
982-0000144 x 5Extra20001020,000
982-0000044 x 6Standard25001025,000
982-0000154 x 6Extra20001020,000
982-0000794 x 6Super15001015,000
982-0000164 x 8Extra12501012,500
982-0000175 x 6Extra2000816,000
982-0000065 x 7Standard2000816,000
982-0000185 x 7Extra1750814,000
982-0000076 x 8Standard1750610,500
982-0000206 x 8Extra12506 7,500
982-0000216 x 10Extra12506 7,500
982-0000088 x 10Standard150046,000
982-0000228 x 10Extra125045,000
982-0000239 x 12.5Extra100044,000

Duplex—White Front Open, Clear Back Rollbags

Part #W″x L″StrengthBags/RollRolls/CaseBags/Case
982-0000724 x 6Extra Duplex20001020,000
982-0000735 x 7Extra Duplex1750814,000
982-0000746 x 8Extra Duplex12506 7,500
982-0000758 x 10Extra Duplex125045,000

Vented Clear Rollbags

Part #W″x L″StrengthBags/RollRolls/CaseBags/Case
987-0000154 x 6Extra Vented20001020,000
987-0000185 x 7Extra Vented1750814,000
987-0000206 x 8Extra Vented12506 7,500
987-0000228 x 10Extra Vented125045,000
987-0000239 x 12.5Extra Vented100044,000