Vacuum chamber machines are ideal where high vacuum levels are required. They are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of many industries including food processing, medical, hardware and electronics.Vacuum chamber machines can also be used to package products with a modified atmosphere (MAP).

  • VMS 163 Med Validatable Vacuum Chamber Sealer

    The Audion VMS 163 Med is a fully validatable medical vacuum chamber sealer designed to comply with the stringent guidelines of ISO 11607 terminally sterile packaging requirements.  The 163 Med is a compact tabletop chamber style vacuum sealer intended for…

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  • Audionvac VM 203 Med

    Medical Validatable Vacuum Chamber Sealers

    All of our bi-active (top and bottom heat) Audionvac vacuum chambers can have a validation option added to them for use in medical device packaging. These validatable medical vacuum chamber sealers are designed to comply with the stringent guidelines of…

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