Moving Forward Packaging Greener

Returning from a successful PACK EXPO show, we catch up with Jessica Nick from PAC Machinery Bags and Materials Division where she provides an update in Episode 13 of “On the Pulse of Packaging” about moving forward packaging greener.

Additional Sustainable Bagging Options

PAC is gives customers more choices on sustainable packaging – including making all bags with at least 25% recycled resins all the way up to 100% recycled resins for any brand of automatic bagger. PAC also launched Fiberflex® curbside recyclable paper as a non plastic alternative for select PAC Machinery baggers.

PAC Machinery Bags and Materials is Going Green

We have an exciting announcement that you will hear right here, first, on Episode 8 of “On The Pulse of Packaging” from our Bags and Materials division. We are transitioning our custom and stock pre-opened bags for automatic baggers so that all of them will now contain 25% recycled content as standard.

What’s new in Sustainable Packaging

There’s a lot happening in Sustainable Packaging. We talked to Greg Berguig, VP of Sales and Marketing at PAC Machinery and he said much of this is being driven by consumer demand for more environmentally-friendly packaging both in packaging materials and on the equipment side. Let’s learn more about what’s new at PAC Machinery on more environmentally-friendly packaging.

The Case for Compartment bags

The compartment bag can be arranged and labeled in such a way that the required bits and pieces are organized in the proper order required for fast and easy assembly.

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