Visit the PAC Machinery event page for a wrap up of the show.

San Rafael, CA (September 25, 2023) – PAC Machinery (PAC) had one of its most successful tradeshow events at the PACK EXPO Las Vegas show held September 11-13, 2023, at the Las Vegas, NV Convention Center. PAC ranked in the top twenty exhibits of interest by show attendees out of over 2,300 exhibitors as a result of attendees adding PAC Machinery to their show planner as an exhibit they want to see. Additional measurements of PAC’s success include booth traffic, post show media exposure and machinery orders.

The event wasn’t just historic for PAC Machinery, it was also historic for the industry according to show producer PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies. According to their media release on the show, PMMI stated that this was the largest PACK EXPO Las Vegas in the show’s history and was the largest packaging and processing trade show in North America this year.  

PMMI reported the following show stats: 32,000 attendees, the most in the show’s history, more than 2,300 exhibitors, utilizing one million net square feet of exhibit space at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Packaging Industry continues to grow according to PMMI’s State of the Industry report that revealed the industry growth remaining steady at 3.4 percent and $10.2 billion U.S. market size. (resource: PMMI

PAC Machinery has exhibited packaging equipment and materials with PMMI shows for decades and confirms that foot traffic to the PAC Machinery booth was one of the most the company has seen at a show.  PAC’s team worked for months to aggressively work the pre-show leads and digitally drive awareness of the PAC exhibit.

PMMI Media Group’s, Packaging World media outlet, reported twice in articles published already on PAC’s NEW flexible, sustainable bagging options for its order fulfillment baggers  Another article showcased PAC’s NEW sustainable packaging options FW 650SI Servo Box Motion Inverted Flow Wrapper that makes bags to product length at high speeds and can run on NEW Fiberflex® paper or a poly option for added flexibility.  Packaging Digest, a leading media outlet in the industry, also visited the booth and will have  future articles on PAC’s exciting new machines and sustainable packaging offerings.

PAC Machinery showcased one of the largest ranges of equipment for flexible packaging at this show in over 2,000 sq ft of exhibit that included automatic baggers, shrink wrappers, flow wrappers, vacuum sealers, medical packaging, bag sealers, and a large variety of bags and materials, including NEW sustainable packaging options.

“We’ve had great turnout and showcased many different packaging machines because, as I always say, there is more than one way to package a product,” said Greg Berguig, Vice President, PAC Machinery.

“Shows are great! I think in today’s world we’re so conditioned to just go online, do our own research and buy  but for packaging machinery there is nothing like seeing it live in person, with product being packaged and with special unique options that we showcase. Being able to ask our experts questions – that’s what PACK EXPO is all about,” said Berguig.

PAC Machinery has been designing packaging solutions that saves businesses time, money, and makes packaging a smoother, more automated process for over 60 years. PAC’s machines come in a range of configurations, from tabletop to large floor-standing units with numerous customized options that can tailor the machine to a business’s need.

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