• DEM_4_Shrink Tunnel

    Clamco Heavy Duty Heat Shrink Tunnels

    The Clamco 4T and 6T Tunnels are digitally temperature controlled to provide for consistent shrink wrap performance. The Clamco 4T and 6T are heavy-duty 24/7 shrink tunnels that minimizes maintenance and can be used with a wide range of films.

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  • Clamco 6Tx2 Double Shrink Tunnel

    Clamco Extra Large Heat Shrink Tunnels

    The Clamco heavy duty double shrink tunnels creates a complete shrink system when combined with our Clamco heavy duty L-Bar Sealers or our versatile 6800CS Side Sealer, for packing, sealing, and shrinking a wide variety of products.

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