PAC’s validatable medical pouch sealers feature real-time monitoring of all seal parameters. These validatable sealers include impulse bar sealers, continuous band sealers, vacuum sealers, and vacuum chambers. PAC’s sealers have control systems that alarm if pressure or temperature vary during the seal process. These validatable sealers provide 100% validation capability with seal temperature accuracy within +/- 3° F. Output ports on all medical sealers allow the user to document the performance of the validation process.

  • PT MED Validatable Impulse Heat Sealer (painted)

    Validatable Medical Pouch Sealers

    PAC’s validatable medical pouch sealers include both impulse bar sealers and continuous band sealers for higher production requirements.

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  • Validatable Vacuum Sealers

    PAC manufactures a complete line of nozzle (snorkel) style validatable vacuum sealers suited for most medical packaging applications. We also manufacture validatable vacuum chamber sealers for medical applications that require the maximum removal of air to protect the product from exposure.

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