PAC’s validatable medical pouch sealers include both impulse bar sealers and continuous band sealers for higher production requirements. These systems provide 100% validation capability with seal temperature accuracy within +/- 3° F.

  • PT Med Validatable Medical Pouch Sealer

    PT Med Validatable Medical Pouch Sealer

    The PT Med is a tabletop validatable impulse heat sealer for the medical industry, designed for applications with limited space or production requirements.

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  • Contimed 667T Validatable Band Sealer

    The Contimed 667T is a tabletop fully validatable medical band sealer that features a color touch screen interface. The 667T is among the most advanced medical pouch sealers available. Featuring a stainless steel cover and a printer that allows two…

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  • Med Pac Validatable Impulse Sealer

    The Med Pac is a heavy-duty floor standing validatable medical impulse sealer with high pressure seal jaws and precise temperature control.

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  • 552 Med Validatable Medical Band Sealer

    The 552 Med validatable medical band sealer provides the ultimate in speed and seal integrity and when sealing medical pouches horizontally.

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  • 555 Med Validatable Vertical Band Sealer

    The PAC 555 Med is a continuous vertical band sealer intended for medical and other critical packaging applications which require precise control of all sealing process parameters.  The 555 Med is a fully validatable medical band sealer and is designed…

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