Our general purpose vacuum sealers are designed for a range of industries including industrial, automotive, food, chemical, and parts manufacturing.

  • PVT Industrial Vacuum Sealer

    The PAC PVT is the industry standard industrial tabletop vacuum sealer for applications where removal of air from a bag before sealing is required.

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  • PVT Plus Vacuum Sealer

    PAC PVT Plus

    Packaging Aids PVT Plus is the ideal tabletop vacuum sealer with bi-active (top and bottom) heat seal bars to seal a range of packaging materials.

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  • PVG Vacuum Sealer with SureSeal interface and other options

    PVG Industrial Vacuum Sealer

    The PAC PVG is the industry standard vacuum sealer. This industrial vacuum sealer combines quality, durability, and customization.

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  • PVK Vacuum Sealer

    PVK Industrial Vacuum Sealer

    With its versatile open head design, the heavy duty PVK vacuum sealer delivers both speed and flexibility for high volume industrial vacuum packaging applications.

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  • PVK Bag In Box Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer

    PVK Bag-In-Box Industrial Vacuum Sealer

    The versatile PVK Bag-in-Box vacuum sealer is based on our popular PVK series of machines, and is designed for heavy bags that are used as a box liner.

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  • PVB Constant Heat Vacuum Sealer

    The PVB constant heat vacuum sealer is designed to vacuum seal MIL spec barrier bags and foil laminates. The PVB has gas flush for MAP applications.

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