Rollbag™ Systems deliver exceptional value, speed and flexibility for automatic bagging operations. The Rollbag series of machines uses pre-opened bags on a roll and the Magnum Series bagging systems uses a revolutionary compact form/fill/seal system that utilizes tubing in addition to pre-opened bags on a roll. The tubing system offers a low resistance design that provides the benefit of lower material costs as it forms bags in-line before they are filled and sealed.

  • Clamco Rollbag R2300

    Automatic Baggers

    Our automatic baggers the ultimate in reliability and ease of operation.

  • Clamco Magnum Medical Validatable Rollbag System

    Medical Baggers

    Clamco medical baggers virtually guarantee package integrity.

  • 575B_Rollbag_Bagging_System

    Manual Baggers

    Manual Baggers are compact, and feature a variety of technological innovations.

  • Rollbag Bags On A Roll For Auto Baggers

    Rollbag Bags On A Roll

    Our Rollbag brand of bags are designed to run on all automatic bagging machines that use pre-opened bags on a roll.