Bag Sealers are used in applications where a poly based bag needs to be hermetically sealed. Depending on the application, different types of bag sealers may be appropriate.

  • PAC PT Impulse Sealer

    Impulse Heat Bar Sealers

    Impulse bar sealers are the most versatile sealing systems available. Using either bar (jaw), the heating element is heated during the heat cycle. When that cycle is over, an optional cooling cycle begins, cooling the seal under pressure.

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  • Continuous Band Sealers

    Continuous band sealers operate by having the pouch sealed and conveyed through one or two continuously heated jaws, resulting in packaging that is much faster than a bar sealer.

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  • Super Poly Sealer

    Portable Hand Held Heat Sealers

    Portable hand held heat sealers are designed for packaging and fabricating applications where the sealing jaws must be brought to the work area.

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  • PB Constant heat sealer stainless steel

    Constant Heat Bar Sealers

    Constant heat hot bar sealers are used to seal MIL spec barrier bags, coated paper, foil laminates and other multi-layer materials.

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