Our extensive line of Clamco bag sealersis designed for a wide variety of applications. The cost efficient, easy-to-use bag sealers can increase both speed and productivity.

  • 615 Drop Sealer with Bag Opener, All in One Stand, and Pneumatic Air Expeller

    Titan Drop Sealer and Bagmaster Wicketed Bag Opener

    Titan gravity slide drop sealers and Bagmaster wicketed bag openers for high speed semi-automatic packaging. Made in USA and includes a 2 year warranty.

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  • Electro-Sealer Constant Heat Sealer


    Electro-Sealer™ Constant Heat Sealer The Clamco Electro-Sealer is designed to provide high production rates for sealing poly bags. The Electro-Sealer ensures consistent heat seals in polyethylene, anti-stat, and other poly materials. Clamco Electro-Sealers come standard with adjustable dwell and 50…

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  • W-280 Motorized Polysealer Clamco

    Model W-280: Clamco Motorized Polysealers

    Clamco Motorized Polysealers For air and watertight sealing of polyethylene bags used for packaging food, dry goods, hardware and miscellaneous manufactured products. The Model W-280 Clamco Motorized Polysealer is made in the USA and includes a 1 year limited warranty.…

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  • Bench Mount Bag Sealer On Optional Stand - Close-Up

    Clamco Bench Mounted Sealers

    Choose the dependable Clamco Bench Mounted Constant Heat Sealer for packaging food, coffee, retail & industrial products.
    Select jaws to match your packaging requirements – Available in 12″ and 24″ seal lengths with flat, serrated, or PTFE covered jaws.

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  • Series W400 Impulse Sealer

    W400 Series: Clamco Impulse Sealers

    Model  W400 Series is a heavy duty industrial tabletop impulse sealer providing 1/8″ seal width up to two, ten mil thicknesses. The unit is made in two different seal bar widths: 16″ and 24″. The Model W400 Series Clamco Impulse…

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  • Model 50 Hand Sealing Irons

    Industrial Hand Sealing Irons for sealing heat activated materials and packaging Clamco Model 50 industrial hand sealing irons are designed to seal plastic films, as well as tacking heat activated tapes, paper, carpet, fabrics and more. Model 50 hand sealing…

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  • 450 Automatic Impulse Sealer

    450 Automatic Impulse Sealer

    Clamco 450 for airtight watertight seals up to 18″ The Clamco 450  Automatic Impulse Sealer makes high-quality consistent seals time after time. The 450 seals automatically to enable continuous production, sealing thermoplastic films such as polyethylene and polypropylene. When impulse…

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  • Clamco Model 210 Hand bag Sealer

    Clamco 210 Impulse Bag Sealer

    The Clamco 210 is an economical impulse bag sealing solution for a low demand environment.

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  • Clamco Trimseal Model W-51

    Model W-51: Clamco Trimseal Machines

    The Model W-51 has been replaced by the Electro-Sealer.

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  • Audion Super Poly Impulse Heat Sealer

    Model 224: Clamco Portable Impulse Sealers

    The Model 224 Impulse Sealer has been replaced with the Audion Super Poly portable hand held sealer from Packaging Aids.

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